Q1 2020 Newsletter

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Q1 2020 Newsletter

Coronavirus Update

Just a note to advise everyone that the Mojo team and their families in both Hong Kong and China are all well and nobody has been affected by the recent virus outbreak. Our factory in China is now back to full staffing and output levels after undergoing rigorous government checks for Hygiene and employee safety. Additionally, the factory has introduced extra precautionary measures to deal with deliveries to and from the factory. The factory visitor hygiene rules will also ensure that production is not hampered by any outside influences.

We understand that many of you have more pressing matters at present and this will be low on your priority list. However, once things have returned to some semblance of normality you can be assured that we will be ready to meet your needs.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with everyone and we pray you and your families all stay safe.

Toy Fair Season

The Toy fair season has come and gone and despite a lower than average turnout in both Hong Kong and Nuremberg, the overall feedback on the range for 2020 has been excellent.

London and New York Toy Fairs were extremely well attended and our feeling coming out of those shows was of a job well done. All the new Items for 2020 were extremely well received.

Toy fair standToy fair stand


POS Updates

We will be introducing a new display for 2020, a 62cm folding display with printed side and header panels. It's less expensive than the current displays and takes a fraction of the time to build.

The current 68cm and 100cm Wooden displays along with the 100cm LED version will also now include locking wheels and pricing has been reduced by approximately 25-30%. Please contact us for more details.

Toy stand

Customer Asset Pack 2020

The Mojo Asset pack has been updated to include all new products and artwork for 2020 if you have yet to recieve a download link please contact Chris to request a copy.

That’s it for this newsletter if you need any further information please contact us on the following email addresses and we will be happy to help. james@mojofun.eu, kit@mojofun.eu

We hope you found this information useful and please take care!

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