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🌼 Figurines and playsets that inspire the imagination 🌼

We invite you to celebrate and explore our vital, enriching and ultimatelyhumanizing connection with the animal world.

We create animal figures and playsets to promote positive role play and educate whilst at the same time raise awareness of this beautiful world we live in.

The fun is here to awaken that inner magic in everyone, to reveal the child that lies within us all!

Our categories

Each year we look to improve, expand and develop our range of figures so they can be enjoyed by everyone.
Our models are designed to please children and collectors alike by walking the line between realism and aesthetics.

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Hand Painted

Every figurine is designed and hand-sculpted in the UK, before being expertly hand-painted.

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Craft & Expertise

Designed in the UK, our products are made with passion.

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Safety & Standards

Each Mojo product is rigorously tested to a wide range of international standards.