Mojo Newsletter July 2020

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We trust that everyone is holding up well in the current situation and that you and your loved ones are all safe.


Virtual Showroom 21st to 25th September


July has seen the relaxing of strict distancing laws in many countries and the beginnings of a return to some sort of normality. As many of you may know the Autumn Trade fair in the UK is cancelled along with many others around the world, many also expect the upcoming October trip to Hong Kong to follow a similar fate or at best suffer poor attendance. With that in mind we are preparing a Virtual showroom via Zoom for late September where we will preview the new models for 2021 release. If you are interested to see what surprises are in store for 2021 and would like to book an appointment, please contact us on any of the following email addresses:,,

There will be a limited amount of spaces available so it would be appreciated if we can set all appointment times before the end of August.

Mojo fun storeMojo fun store


Junior 3D Backpack with figures

August will see the launch of the new 3D Junior backpack, this has been a popular product for quite some time however difficulties with how to explain the functionality (especially with a new concept) when its displayed at retail have always hampered progress. Finally, we have a solution to the problem, we will officially launch the new version with packaging on the market in August. There are 4 styles and they are available both with and without figures, please see the images below.

Mojo junior backpacks

If you are interested please contact either myself or Kit at the following email addresses, and we will respond with pricing and availability.


Mojo Fun Limited

Mojo now has a new UK office which will hold stock in the UK with the aim of supplying the many smaller retailers around Europe and beyond who wish to buy our products but either a local distributor is not available or they are not of a size to order directly from our HK office. This office will also serve our existing distributors who, should the need arise, require stock in a timely manner. The new company/office details are as follows:-

Office #303, The Chapel,
Hebden Bridge,
West Yorkshire
Tel: +44 1422 413674
Mob: +44 7971 268054

Mojo office building and frosted door

If you are interested in our product range and want to buy directly from MOJO, please contact us using the above details or on the following email address:-

Many thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

The MOJO team

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