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Hand Painted

Every figurine is designed and hand-sculpted in the UK, before being expertly hand-painted.

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Craft & Expertise

Designed in the UK, our products are made with passion.

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Safety & Standards

Each Mojo product is rigorously tested to a wide range of international standards.


The word Mojo literally means “inner magic”. Our aim is to awaken that inner magic in everyone, to reveal the child that lies within us all.

We hope the answer to this question is YES but check our distributor list to make sure.

You can print the pdf from our website or check with the distributor in your area.

Our Animal Planet license does not cover the US and Canada in these countries they are distributed under the Mojo brand instead.

What our customers say...

"As a collector of animal figurines, I can say that Mojo is doing some of the most accurate replicas in the market right now. I love the way they keep loyal to realism both in sculpture and paint jobs, something much appreciated by serious collectors. Also, every year, Mojo surprises us by releasing some less known species together with some of the most popular animals. They are really getting better and better. I can't wait to see their new items for 2022!" - Andy USA

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